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Build Resilience, Continuity and Operational Readiness in Your Supply Network

How to Manage Demand/Supply Disruptions in Real-Time

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that businesses must take action to boost resilience, lock-in business continuity, and achieve the operational readiness necessary to handle whatever the markets or mother nature throw at us. It’s the new “power triad” necessary to compete and thrive in today’s markets.

Demand/supply disruptions will remain part of this “next normal,” and in this webinar One Network’s COO Joe Bellini explains three strategies executives need to embrace to remain prepared, along with their tech enablers. You’ll walk away understanding:

  • How a real-time network-based strategy enables the Power Triad, and what you need to implement it.
  • The importance of federated master data and visibility across your entire collaborative business network of suppliers, carriers, co-manufacturers and customers.
  • The essential role of actionable and autonomous prescriptive analytics in accelerating your optimal response in every situation.

Do you want to deliver the highest customer service levels at the least landed cost? Joe will explain how multi-party collaboration, planning, and transaction execution in real time across a network will bring you into Industry 4.0 and set you up to compete and win in the “next normal.”

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