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The Cold Chain is Hot

Ensuring complete visibility, integrity and control across the end-to-end supply chain for vaccines, medicines and food

With vaccines front-and-center, the Cold Chain is taking on new importance for every human on the planet in the coming year. Supply chain management is hard enough, but keeping the entire chain continuously temperature controlled is much more challenging. Yet that’s exactly what’s required for temperature-sensitive products like vaccines, medicines, foods, and some chemical products.

Companies need full monitoring, track-and-trace, chain of custody, and point of origin information across all sites and parties to ensure integrity of supply. This includes maintaining product quality with security measures and tracking to combat the problem of counterfeit products entering the supply network. It’s possible. In this report you’ll learn how to:

  • Achieve full traceability across the end to end supply chain
  • Monitor products for temperature compliance across legs and modes
  • Know your products’ real-time status, locations, predicted future locations and arrival times
  • Increase real-time responsiveness to anticipate problems and resolve them faster
  • Integrate and harmonize data across internal systems and external partners

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