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Connected Domestic Transportation: Moving from Basic to Optimized Execution

A single data model for all supply chain functions and trading partners, enabling continuous and incremental planning, so you can hit monthly and quarterly objectives, even in times of uncertainty and volatility.

A panel of Logistics experts on the how the industry can move from basic optimization, to AI-enabled dynamic planning and execution

Outdated transportation management systems (TMS) and infrastructure are among the most significant challenges plaguing the domestic transport industry today. It continues to be extremely difficult to access tracking, reporting, and analytics information.

The industry needs to embrace new technologies and disruptive innovations that are now available. The call for transparency, data automation, digital platforms, AI, and technology management is sweeping multi-modal transportation.

How are companies to approach navigate this change?

Three experts in the field of logistics will help. Pieter Bam Sr. Manager from Accenture, Uida Havinga, VP of Digital and IT from Imperial Logistics, and Johann van der Westhuizen, Strategic Business Development Executive from One Network Enterprises discuss the current state of domestic transportation and how to best optimize domestic transportation processes.

You will come away with a new understanding of:

  • What Optimized Transportation Execution means, and how can you benefit?
  • What are the secret ingredients to enable Optimized Execution that includes transportation forecasting, tactical planning, and improved sourcing and transparency to partners?
  • How can advancements in intelligent planning (incremental vs. batch planning, contracted vs. dynamic rating and capacity, leveraging AI/ML capabilities) help your logistics operations?
  • How can connecting related supply chain data and activities optimize and synchronize overall logistics activities?
  • What are some business case fundamentals for optimized execution?

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