One Network Enterprises

A Control Tower Solution for Automotive & Industrial Manufacturers

The Blueprint for Achieving Breakthrough Performance

Automotive and industrial manufacturers face a unique set of supply chain challenges.

Variability of demand, supplier capacity constraints, new supply chain risks, growing product complexity and lack of internal and external alignment can all lead to reduced performance. If we could realize end-to-end visibility and actionability across the automotive value chain, we could operate with 15-30% lower inventories while maintaining continuity of supply and slashing logistics costs.

To achieve this vision, manufacturing organizations seek to leverage network-enabled Control Towers to create visibility across their value chain, from customers to tiered suppliers, while intelligently analyzing business scenarios collaboratively and in real-time.  


Key learning objectives:

  • Harmonize master data across a multitude of systems and collaborating parties, creating a single version of the truth
  • Achieve a 10-31% inventory reduction in commercial and light vehicle segments
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs by 5-20%
  • Eliminate 10-25% of freight expedite costs 
  • Slash 35-75% of IT expenses

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