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Should a Digital Twin Be Part of Your Planning and Operations Platform? - Absolutely!

Optimize supply chain performance with your digital twin and advanced problem-solving analytics

The point of a digital twin is to analyze business questions - like improving movements across your supply network, or driving policies that improve the customer experience - and solving all the problems that present themselves across your supply chain. In this paper, we explain why your digital twin needs to be a sandbox extension of your supply network’s planning and operations platform – one that applies different statistical, machine learning, and AI algorithms along with various workflow options to solve problems.

If your planning/operations platform and the digital twin are one and the same system, you’ll be able to evaluate choices based on the top algorithms in the market, and then make those choices actionable in real time. They can be strategic in nature, based on network design options that will benefit you two years from now, or can fix a problem that is expected to occur in the next few hours.

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