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Capgemini Report: Digitized Control Towers - The Next Normal is Here

How business networks and control towers increase supply chain visibility, agility, and resilience even in volatile market conditions

The pandemic issued an urgent challenge to business leaders, and retailers in particular: How can I respond to rapid, unforeseen market impacts, maintain business continuity, efficiently serve my customers and even grow?

This report from Capgemini and One Network Enterprises discuss how business network technology increases your adaptability and resilience, even in the face of disruptions to supply and demand. Respond to rapid market shifts with an omnichannel approach and vital capabilities including:

  • Visibility and a single version of the truth across all parties and tiers in the end-to-end supply chain
  • Omnichannel enabled processes with a real time view of consolidated demand and all sources of supply
  • Rapidly adapt your supply chain - onboard new suppliers, carriers and serve new customers
  • Smart allocation of manufacturing capacity and inventory to meet the most urgent demand
  • Optimally match demand to supply to maximize service levels at the lowest cost
  • Plan and execute in the same platform letting you continuously and incrementally plan and execute for better results
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics anticipate problems and respond with optimal solutions

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