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How Federated Networks Simplify, Optimize, and Secure Global Supply Chains


In today’s turbulent world of changing regulations, pandemics, and trade wars, federated networks are coming to the forefront in global supply chain management as an essential element to optimize supply chain performance, provide security, and maintain regulatory compliance.

In supply chain management, federated networks are enabling a Single Version of the Truth (SVOT) for all networks and parties across global supply chains. They enable complex global supply chains spanning corporate, geographic, and political boundaries to function and optimize as one system. These networks are highly customizable, scalable and secure, making them ideal for managing high transaction, cross-border, global supply chains.

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  • How federated networks simplify global supply chain management
  • Streamline master data management across companies and supply chains
  • Resist disruption and improve the ability to respond to supply chain shocks

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