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What Does a Digital Transformation Journey Look Like?

Follow a proven path and avoid the trap that many fall into

Many companies try to pursue innovation and digital transformation, but are bound by traditional enterprise-centric thinking which undermines their results and can lead to failed initiatives. Truly effective innovation requires breaking out of this box. It requires new strategies and network thinking, that enable you to:

  • Gain competitive advantage in today’s marketplace
  • Eliminate the tremendous costs of maintaining and migrating the current ERP monoliths
  • Gain the flexibility required to take advantage of new market opportunities

In this paper you will learn how you can achieve a future based on transformative, network-based product and service models that unlock enormous value for your business and your partners.

What kind of value?  Typically, 25% increase in forecast accuracy at the item level, 30% reduction in inventory, 20% reduction in transportation costs, increased revenues, and up to 80% reduction in headcount with robotic process automation of repetitive business functions.