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How Logistics Service Providers can leverage the power of optionality to create deep and enduring value for customers

Dr. Jim Tompkins explains how LSPs can use their central position in the supply chain and the power of optionality to grow customers and profits

LSPs are at the epicenter of all the action and ultimately where the supply chain value is created. How can you use this position and leverage it to generate optimal value for customers?

Leading supply chain expert, Dr. Jim Tompkins, will share his insights on why we are at an inflection point for LSPs, and an innovative strategy designed to seize this massive market opportunity.

Jim will explain why there has never been a better time for LSPs to break out of the box of limiting transportation functions and create bigger and more enduring value with an end-to-end solution scope.

You will also learn:

  • How the pandemic has opened doors of opportunity and growth.
  • How to leverage “optionality” to maximize the value for your company and your customers.
  • Why obsession with preventing disruptions is a bad strategy and what to do instead.

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How Logistics Service Providers Can Leverage Optionality to Create Deep and Enduring Value for Customers

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