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Master Data Management

How to drive Supply Chain Network Performance, Financial Health, and Resiliency in Your Supply Chain

Many executives are “flying blind” when it comes to making critical tactical and strategic business decisions about their supply chains. It’s understandable as master data management, a key element of making effective, data-informed decisions, has proven to be a major challenge. Master data management solutions can help when it comes to company data, but most are just not up to the task of reconciling data across hundreds or thousands of systems and trading partners.

Yet that common network and common language is exactly what is needed to enable supply chain visibility, optimization and effective decision-making across your organization.

What you will learn:

  • The three key impediments to supply chain master data initiatives
  • One Network’s unique 7-step process that simplifies and enables supply chain MDM
  • How multi-enterprise MDM enables a single version of the truth across the supply chain, and drives better operational and financial analytics
  • How to get better insights and make more effective, data-driven decisions for better business results

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