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Master Your Supply Chain with an Intelligent Control Tower

Use control towers and prescriptive analytics to plan, optimize, execute and automate your supply chain for efficiency and resilience

Can a control tower solve your supply chain problems? The answer is a resounding “Yes”! Control towers have evolved way beyond visibility. Today’s control towers provide powerful capabilities and real-time responsiveness with Autonomous Problem-Solving, Global Demand-Supply Matching and Global Available-to-Promise.

In this webinar we explain these capabilities and how to use the power of AI and prescriptive analytics to reduce inventory and logistics costs, while improving service levels and resiliency. You will learn:

  • Why typical “visibility only” control towers fall short
  • The four levels of control tower maturity – and where you really want to be
  • The foundations of a world class control tower
  • Using prescriptive analytics to solve supply chain problems with optimal results
  • A checklist for choosing an easily implementable and scalable solution that partners will use with success, and that will grow with you
  • Three examples of control towers in the wild – across industry business networks
  • Q&A on some of the most pressing questions about control towers

“With many of its customers on the cutting edge of what control tower technology is delivering, One Network is helping transition customers from siloed legacy systems to a collaborative, real-time network.” – Control Tower Value Matrix 2019 from Nucleus Research

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