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Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) & Planning

Improving Supply Chain Network Performance, Responsiveness, Resiliency, and Financial Health

Today’s companies are hobbled by legacy systems that cannot cope with the “Now” paradigm of Just-in-Time, ecommerce, and the urgent need for real-time responsiveness and collaboration during sudden shifts in demand and supply. Companies are thus suffering with:

  • Loss of revenue and slipping market share
  • Lower customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Delays in production
  • Higher labor and logistics expediting costs

Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization and Planning on One Network’s real-time network, is specifically designed to optimize and automate complex, decentralized supply chains, carrying tens of thousands of SKUs across hundreds of locations. This report explains how.

You will learn how One Network’s Multi Echelon Inventory Optimization and Planning solution:

  • Fully optimizes the inventory costs across multiple tiers according to your needs, using configured target fill rates (your desired service levels), enterprise-wide constraints (budgets), site constraints (capacity), and item constraints (critical items).
  • Is a highly scalable solution runs for multiple sites and multiple items concurrently to continuously balance supply needs and intelligently leverage inventory across the entire network – not just within a silo.
  • Leverages One Network’s Intelligent Autonomous Agents called NEO consider all appropriate factors and real-time data to continuously monitor and autonomously balance the demand-supply equation.

Find out how One Network’s MEIO solution, ranked a leader in Nucleus Research’s IO Matrix, improves customer service levels with lower inventory levels and reduced transportation costs.

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