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Multiparty Network Platforms

How to Gain Rapid Digital Transformation While Enhancing Your Existing Technology Systems

In recent years, new hyper-agile and efficient businesses have sprung up, with new business models powered by artificial intelligence and matching supply to demand in real time. Companies across many industries, from retail to hospitality and transportation, have been battered, and many established

At the core of most of these new business models is a multiparty platform.  It is the enabler of these super successful companies’ customer-oriented performance, and it supports the ecosystem of partners with new capabilities enabling connectivity, intelligence, collaboration and agility.


What is a multiparty platform and what can it do for your business?:

  • How to minimize the complexity of your IT portfolio, and eliminate stale and inconsistent data
  • How you can leverage the powerful “network effect” to rapidly implement new functionality at lower costs
  • How you can use “off the shelf” software while ensuring it does exactly what you need it to
  • And much more, such as quickly exploiting machine learning and blockchain, without steep learning curves and huge upfront investments


Download this tech brief to learn exactly what a multiparty platform is, and the nine powerful capabilities your platform must have in order to ensure it delivers optimal value now and in future.


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