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How a Network of Networks Drives Value in Pharma Supply Chains

Minimize IT hassles, gain multi-tier visibility and orchestration capabilities

Pharma supply chains face an array of issues around complex manufacturing, distribution and logistics operations including coordinating material flows across multiple supply tiers, lack of multi-tier visibility, supply constraints, NPI cycle time pressures, regulatory compliance, quality yield predictability, and much more.

In this webinar, we’ll provide a new perspective on how supply chain problems can be solved by leveraging a multi enterprise network, within a network of networks, combined with an AI assistant. You will learn how to drive improved decision speed and quality for each actor in the pharma ecosystem: CMOs, API suppliers, LSPs, and captive manufacturing sites.

One Network Enterprises (ONE) and Bluecrux partners will jointly discuss how the partnership works in developing smart implementation pathways that drive the higher ROI for clients. Using real-world client use cases, we’ll explain why this approach is delivering value far faster and beyond what enterprise-based solutions have achieved.

Key aspects that you will learn in this webinar:

  • The underlying reason why pharma supply chains operate well below potential
  • How network of networks simplifies multi-tier visibility, orchestration and optimizes supply management processes and how all partners benefit
  • Why AI/ML agents trained on a network deliver better predictions and decisions compared to enterprise AI-based solutions
  • How Bluecrux and ONE form a “best of breed” solution to drive higher speed to value in supply chain digitization programs
  • The overall value for clients in transitioning from traditional decision support systems towards AI enabled network solutions

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