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Nucleus Research’s Control Tower Value Matrix for 2021

One Network a leader for the sixth consecutive year. The analyst report on supply chain control towers describes key capabilities, including holistic real-time visibility, unified planning and execution, global supply demand matching and interoperability

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The Supply Chain Control Tower Value Matrix 2021 from Nucleus Research, provides a snapshot of the market based on how vendors are delivering value to customers through the usability and functionality of their software. Fill out the form on the right to download your complimentary copy of the Control Towers Value Matrix for 2021, and learn how control towers are transforming supply chains.

Why One Network's Control Tower Ranks Highest for the Sixth Consecutive Year

ONE’s unique value proposition is its global partner network, which consists of over 90,000 businesses and reinforces its unified planning and execution capabilities.

  • ONE’s control tower platform, NEO…enables interoperation with all legacy and third-party applications…provides a holistic real-time view for the user and invites collaboration among partners.
  • NEO’s real time SVOT platform creates true end-to-end visibility and contract management across all trading partners while also incorporating legacy, third party, and other network-based applications as part of the network ecosystem.
  • ONE’s ongoing improvements to global inbound and last-mile support allow products and materials to be tracked with automated serial numbers to establish accountability at every stage.

“Nucleus expects One Network will continue leading in functionality because of its investments in its network of networks approach and machine learning capabilities.” - Alexander H. Wurm, Martin Naydenov, Nucleus Research

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