The ONE Global Health Network

A new platform and program for hospitals and suppliers to boost resiliency, efficiency and collaboration across the healthcare supply chain

The global pandemic of COVID-19 put massive strains on healthcare supply chains. But we know that any disruptive event from an earthquake to a product recall to an airline strike can impact the supply chain. The consequences are severe, shortages, delays, quality issues, counterfeits, and high costs.

This report explains how you can resist and respond to these challenges, while improving efficiency, visibility and collaboration with your partners, to provide quality patient care at the lowest cost.

You will learn how you can address the top challenges now and, in the future, with technology that works with existing systems and complements them with new capabilities. Find out how you can use technologies like machine learning and intelligent agents, to help identify, predict, and fix issues in your supply chain before they become major problems.

Learn how to get results fast and then scale seamlessly by “switching on” new network services as you need them.

Hospitals will be able to make better purchasing decisions that will reduce the impact of demand spikes and supply shortages, and will improve the overall service level and financial performance of the supply chain for all members of the community. 

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