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How to Improve COGS Horizontally Across the Supply Chain

Drive value for you and your network of trading partners and achieve least landed cost

How can your supply chain drive real financial improvements, reducing the cost of goods sold (COGS), while improving service levels?

In today's outsourced business, your trading partners now own COGS, and thus are the only ones who would be able to effect real cost savings. Learn how a real-time demand driven trading partner ecosystem, enables you to collaborate with trading partners across planning, scheduling, and execution processes, to significantly lower COGS and boost your financial performance. Learn how:

  • Brands can reduce COGS, despite not owning the inventory, assets or capacity
  • Value gets trapped in supply chains with ERP deployments
  • A major CPG company reduced their days of supply from 65 days down to 25 days while boosting on-shelf availability

Download the white paper to learn how to use network-wide supply chain optimization that dramatically reduces your COGS.

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