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Optimizing Direct Procurement

Improve resilience, lower costs, and optimize operations with demand-driven global sourcing and integrated inbound supply management

Optimizing direct procurement and inbound supply means much more than just streamlining your “procure-to-pay” processes for purchasing and accounting. Real-time business network platforms enable a new collaborative relationship between manufacturers, their suppliers, co-manufacturers, logistics providers and customers. Operate in real-time to optimize decision making, increase resilience, and unlock enormous business value for all parties. Learn how to do this and more on a single platform:

  • Orchestrate all your inbound supply – manage the flow of raw materials, intermediates, parts and components from supply to assembly or manufacturing to packaging across your business
  • Follow the trail of each transaction from beginning to end – gain full visibility and control over the complete lifecycle of each transaction
  • Propagate demand in near real time all the way to your upstream tiers – compute net requirements automatically, based on stock on-hand and on-order to generate accurate forecasts
  • Continuously and automatically reallocate inbound materials – match demand and supply around the clock to reduce the risk of shortages
  • Meet fluctuating supply needs and reduce transportation costs – maximize container and shipment use while minimizing your expedite costs
  • Work with logistics providers in real time – no integration required, give logistics and material planners full visibility and control over inbound, outbound, domestic and international transportation

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“It covers the entire cycle of planning and execution. It is very systematic. The process flow is easy to understand.” – One Network User

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