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How Pharmaceutical Brands Can Win Against Generics

How pharma brands can use their supply chains as a competitive advantage against generics

In this webinar, we will explore pragmatic and actionable ways in which brand pharma companies can effectively compete with their generic counterparts.

Central to the challenges of managing product portfolios at big brand name pharma companies are countering the threats from generic brands.  Creating and sustaining a scalable supply chain operating model can help set a solid competitive advantage.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Maximize agility, optimization, and resilience in the supply chain
  • Orchestrate processes across the entire supply network, not merely within an enterprise or node
  • Balancing Supply Chain cost optimization and continuous risk monitoring
  • Improve orchestration across customers to suppliers, from internal plants and contract manufacturers to distributors and logistics providers around the globe
  • And, how a supply chain network approach, with real-time information and a single version of the truth for all parties, can better manage products across their lifecycle and manage new product introductions

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