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Intelligent Control Towers: Optimize Your Supply Chain with AI & Advanced Analytics

Maximize supply network performance with complete visibility and automation with a control tower prescriptive analytics

Supply Chain Control Towers play an essential role in helping businesses successfully make the transition from siloed legacy systems to a collaborative, resilient, real-time digital business network. From visibility and alerting to prescriptive decision support to full AI-based automation, control towers can optimize more widely, precisely, and efficiently than any other technology. This report explains the success factors for an effective control tower strategy and provides a Capabilities Checklist of essential requirements. You will learn:

  • The 4 levels of control tower maturity
  • 3 examples of how prescriptive analytics alerts you to problems, and then guides you through the optimal solutions
  • The Control Tower Capabilities Checklist with the 9 critical capabilities your control tower must have to get full and lasting value from your control tower deployment
  • And how you should proceed to see maximum value upfront, with the lowest risk

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