One Network Enterprises


The Value of a Digital Supply Chain Network™ and Control Tower Platform

Bed, Bath & Beyond’s supply chain transformation and One Network’s technology enablers

This is a vibrant discussion between Juan Guerrero, Chief Supply Chain Officer of Bed Bath & Beyond, and Greg Brady, founder and chairman of One Network Enterprises. Juan and Greg cover many topics:

  • Bed Bath & Beyond’s top supply chain Initiatives
  • How the Digital Supply Chain Network™ is enabling Bed Bath & Beyonds’ supply chain transformation
  • How to handle millions of stocking locations and detect and resolve problems at scale
  • The role of data and the need for an integrated data model to enable a true network
  • The network effect that drives value for all trading partners
  • Questions from the audience and more…

Juan Guerrero, Chief Supply Chain Officer, BB&B

Juan Guerrero, Chief Supply Chain Officer, BB&B

“The results are definitely there in terms of what Greg is talking about. You're able to essentially, multiply your team by a million people, that is what's actually happening.”
-Juan Guerrero, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Bed Bath & Beyond

Who is this for?

This webinar is for supply chain practitioners and executives who want to understand how a leading company tackles supply chain transformation, and the technologies driving it. Why companies like Bed Bath & Beyond, are not just digitizing their supply chain, but positioning it as a profit center and competitive weapon.

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