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Field to Shelf: PepsiCo's Value Chain of the Future

Video of Steven Hoinka (PepsiCo) and Greg Brady (ONE) on the value of a digital supply chain control tower to consumer goods and retail supply chains - Gartner Symposium 2023

What does the value chain of the future look like?

Given today's ongoing supply chains challenges, it is critical to have the necessary systems and processes in place to provide multi-tier visibility and handle unforeseen disruptions. Manual processes, a lack of supply chain visibility, poor data quality, siloed systems, and ad hoc processes continue to be a concern for businesses, limiting their ability to react rapidly to changes and match supply with demand.

Join Steven Hoinka, PepsiCo's Senior Director, Digital Strategy Latin America, and Greg Brady, One Network Enterprises' Founder and Chairman, as they discuss how PepsiCo's digital supply chain network has helped them manage their operations from "field to shelf," creating the value chain of the future.

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