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Keynote Session: The AI-Driven Digital Supply Chain Network™ Explained

Leading supply chain visionary Greg Brady explains how innovative organizations are using artificial intelligence to drive agility and resilience in their supply chains

Watch the video of supply chain visionary and One Network Enterprises founder, Greg Brady, as he addresses the Military Aviation Logistics & Maintenance Summit (MALMS). Greg discusses the Digital Supply Chain® and explains the AI-driven Digital Supply Chain Network™ and how it improves agility, operational readiness, and resilience for military and commercial organizations. Key to the network is the NEO intelligent agent technology, and its unique ability to make informed decisions that scale to improve end-to-end supply chain processes.

Greg also answers some pressing questions, including:

  • What are today’s greatest supply chain challenges?
  • How can you change the way your supply chains work and are executed by marrying planning and execution to re-optimize and incrementally fix issues as you see things happen?
  • The differences between today’s systems and the AI Driven Digital Supply Chain Network™?


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