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8 Keys to Achieving Success with AI in the Supply Chain

Artificial Intelligence is grabbing headlines, but what does it really mean day-to-day for you as a supply chain manager? How can you use it effectively to unlock enormous value on the job and in future?

Artificial Intelligence offers huge benefits for supply chain managers, but only if it is based on solid fundamentals that consider the scale and dynamics of today’s supply chains.

The success of AI in supply chains is heavily dependent on information accuracy, data timeliness, and selection of the correct decision space for AI applications.

During this webinar we'll explore the fundamentals that supply chains managers need to consider in order to maximize business results from AI implementations.  Join us and learn:

One Network's Joe Bellini will address the following topics:

  • How to identify the best use cases for AI in the supply chain
  • Technology fundamentals, data requirements and network strategies for successful AI implementations
  • Case studies and business benefits: Successful AI applications
  • How a Tier 1 automotive company used AI to reduce inventory by 30%+ and achieve global supply chain visibility
  • How a retailer in high tech ecommerce maintains +99.5% on time delivery and +95% perfect orders with the help of AI
  • The real value of AI in the supply chain. Making the business case for AI.

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