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Control Towers for Inbound Raw Materials


Demand-Driven Inbound Supply Management for Industrial and Automotive

Learn how to improve resilience, lower costs, and optimize operations with demand-driven inbound supply.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to propagate demand to upstream tiers, from finished goods all the way back to the n-level vendor tier in near real-time
  • Best practices to mitigate supply risk, and optimize your response to actual and predicted disruptions with advanced analytics
  • How all parties can ensure the right material, at the right location, in the right quantity, on the right date - even at the right time of day
  • How to orchestrate inbound supply to manage the flow of raw materials, intermediates, parts, and components from supply to assembly or manufacturing to final assembly and packaging across your business

It’s all about turning inbound supply management into a massive competitive advantage!


Shirell James | SVPEMEA at One Network Enterprises

Shirell James

Shirell is Vice President for EMEA at One Network Enterprises. She is a cross-functional leader with expertise in helping companies leverage new technologies to transform their supply chains and logistics. Shirell specializes in managing cross-functional teams to ensure a successful implementations and sustained value from technology solutions.

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