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Digitize & Optimize Multi-Tier Automotive and Industrial Supply Chains Part 2: Inbound Supply


Learn from the industries facing some of today's greatest supply chain challenges, the automotive and industrial sectors. In this webinar you will see how harnessing a control tower across your entire digital supply chain network can help you cope with today’s supply chain challenges. It is particularly relevant to those in the Automotive and Industrial sectors overseeing complex, multi-tier supply chains.

In Part 1 of this series, Joe Bellini and Scott Conover explained how to digitize your network to achieve full visibility and actionability across your network to ensure continuity and readiness. In part 2, Joe focuses on optimizing your production, assembly and distribution, to minimize disruptions so assembly lines run smoothly and efficiently, including:

  • Collaborate with all tiers upstream in your supply chain to optimize the movement of materials across all trading partners based on demand and supply variations
  • Structure the collaboration as multi-party so that problem solving for planning, scheduling, and execution is synchronized across all parties in real time thus building value and trust for all parties
  • Secure business plan outcomes using constrained order forecasts based on the optimal demand/supply scenario, with integrated S&OP/S&OE to react to constraints.
  • Enable the demand hub to structure contractual relationships with any and all hubs at all tiers upstream in their supply chain network thus enabling strategies to secure upstream materials where supply or price volatility risk levels must be controlled

Who is this for?

This webinar is for Automotive and Industrial executives and supply chain practitioners who want to understand how supply chain management is being shaped by new technologies, and how a Digital Supply Chain Network™ is enabling companies to improve their financial performance, raise service levels, and reduce operating costs.

Joe Bellini, CTO, One Network EnterprisesJoe Bellini

Joe Bellini is EVP Product Management and Marketing at One Network Enterprises. He provides leadership  across various departments which focus on delivering network-based value across multiple industry segments and geographies. Joe holds a patent in Supply Chain Planning and is the co-author of the business strategy book, “The Real-Time Enterprise.” Joe holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, and is certified in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from MIT Sloan.

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