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Disruption in Supply Networks

How to Optimize for Variability and Uncertainty

Hear Joe Bellini at LogiSYM Singapore explain how there’s only one way to increase efficiency and resilience – and be ready for whatever the markets or mother nature throws at us. Digitize not just within the four walls, but across your entire supply network with a multiparty control tower to create an Intelligent Ecosystem for planning and execution. Joe will explain:

  • Core principles of an effective supply chain control tower
  • The power of real-time demand and supply visibility, combined with planning and execution
  • How to make it all work - the integrated multi-tier, multiparty data model
  • Real-time demand and supply matching on a network
  • Why AI and automation is now a necessity
  • How AI-based solutions such as "smart prescriptions" work in supply chain management

Joe Bellini, CTO, One Network EnterprisesJoe Bellini

Joe Bellini is Chief Operating Officer at One Network where he provides leadership in Finance and across various departments which focus on delivering network-based value across multiple industry segments and geographies. Joe holds a patent in Supply Chain Planning and is the co-author of the business strategy book, “The Real-Time Enterprise.” Joe holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, and is certified in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from MIT Sloan.

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