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Enabling Autonomous Supply Chain Management™

Machine Learning and AI are changing our lives as consumers, and now they are making rapid inroads in business. How can you harness the business value of AI and not fall for the hype?

Seth Lippincott will apply Nucleus Research’s value methodology and explain how one company overcame challenges of a managing a complex supply chain hampered by poor vertical integration, to coordinate an entire ecosystem of suppliers, distribution and raw materials using an intelligent network. Seth will discuss how they are using intelligent agents to tame the bullwhip effect, eliminate constant “firefighting” and weekend work, while meeting high customer expectations with minimal waste.

Geoff Annesley (ONE) will discuss networks and NEO, the machine learning and intelligent agent technology that enables Autonomous Supply Chain Management™. Geoff will also discuss ONE’s unique Never Legacy™ program that guarantees the future support of your customizations.

Join us as Seth and Geoff dissect a global company's strategy to leverage a multi-party network to enable autonomous supply chain management. You will also learn:

Speakers will address the following topics:

  • The five stages of supply chain maturity
  • How the new multi-enterprise network approach differs from the traditional approach, and why it delivers more value, faster
  • How network approaches enable better optimization and automation of supply chains
  • The industry-leading results companies are achieving with AI-enabled networks
  • The five critical “pillars” to look for in a multi-enterprise network
  • Why ERP and legacy systems have plenty of life and how to incorporate them into your digital transformation journey

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