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The Value of a Global Digitized Health Community


How to Build Agility and Resiliency to Expedite and Expand the Distribution of Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief

We have all seen how global supply chains have been severely impacted by COVID, affecting all of our daily lives. This has highlighted the critical need to improve response rates and resiliency in our supply chains to get critical aid and supplies to those who need it most. Today, it is possible to achieve this with better partner alignment, more efficient processes while sharing the costs.

Watch this expert panel discussion with:

  • Iain Barton, Principal at Health4Development
  • Rene Berger, Senior Director, Supply Chain Management, CHAI
  • Chad Davenport, Chief Information Officer, PFSCM
  • Cobus Rossouw, Executive Vice President: Digital & Information Technology Imperial Logistics
  • Greg Brady, Founder & Chairman, One Network Enterprises

Listen in as they discuss current challenges, and more importantly, new ways of thinking, new processes and new technologies that can improve the distribution of humanitarian aid and disaster relief globally. Learn how a global Digital Supply Chain Network for Healthcare and Humanitarian Aid can improve the lives of patients and the work of healthcare providers.

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