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How 3PLs Can Gain a Persistent Competitive Advantage for Long Term Success


This webinar will feature a conversation between Alan Amling, distinguished industry executive, professor, and recent author of the book Organizational Velocity, and Joe Bellini, Supply Chain Innovator, and co-author of the business strategy book The Real-Time Enterprise.

Alan and Joe will share their insights on:

1. How long-term success requires constant discovery and building of new advantages. They will describe how “optionality” (the potential for options) is what persistent advantage is built on and how 3PLs and logistics service providers can now move at the speed of this challenge to transform their business from one that is transactional to one that is value focused.

2. The ability to learn fast is the foundation of Organizational Velocity’s observe-accept-act framework that creates optionality and its ensuing persistent advantage to drive mutual success for 3PLs and their customers.

3. The importance of data in this process and how a digital supply chain network™ can match planning and execution in real time to produce optimized supply chain management results.

4. How this data and AI-driven approach, not only powers the best-in-class 3PL Control Tower service excellence at the transaction level, but also provides the intelligence to transform the 3PL into a trusted advisory who creates value with their customer from ideas that had not previously existed.

How 3PLs Can Gain a Persistent Competitive Advantage with Alan Amling

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