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Master Your Supply Chain with an Intelligent Control Tower

Achieving superior value by escaping the enterprise and leveraging the Digital Supply Chain Network™

Can a control tower solve your supply chain problems? Yes. Control towers have evolved way beyond visibility. Today’s control towers provide powerful capabilities and real-time responsiveness with Autonomous Problem-Solving, Global Demand-Supply Matching and Global Available-to-Promise. In this presentation at LogiSYM MENA Shirell James explains these capabilities and how to use the power of AI and prescriptive analytics to reduce inventory and logistics costs, while improving service levels and resiliency. You will learn:

  • How a Control Tower can help you gain visibility AND improve execution
  • The importance of speed and resiliency in today’s unpredictable world
  • Why insights from Visibility must be Actionable
  • Why supply chains must work together in today’s global economy
  • The Value: Driving Balance Sheet and P&L Improvements with an Intelligent Control Tower

“With many of its customers on the cutting edge of what control tower technology is delivering, One Network is helping transition customers from siloed legacy systems to a collaborative, real-time network.” –Nucleus Research

Who Will Benefit?

This webinar is for supply chain executives and practitioners who want to understand how supply chain and logistics management is being transformed by a Digital Supply Chain Network, and how it enables you to harness your network to raise service levels, reduce operating costs, improve financial performance and increase market share.

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