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Joint Transportation for Defense: Don't Settle for Traditional Approaches

How to enable more effective defense logistics with a joint transportation management system (JTMS) on an integrated network

Watch this on-demand webinar and discover how TMS has been reimagined for the future of defense logistics. If you are following the JTMS acquisition, or just interested in understanding the imminent Defense Logistics transformation, register to learn:

  • Why traditional solutions  have failed and continue to under perform 
  • How to address the multi-tier logistics challenges across Defense and achieve agility and resilience for all defense operations
  • The power of being part of a Defense ecosystem and not just a separate silo
  • How to leverage existing DoD ecosystems and legacy systems to maximize capabilities and total return on investment with a purpose for self-funding modernization
  • That there is power in deploying a solution that will never go legacy

The future of Defense Logistics is here.  Why settle for TMS and lots of custom integration and customization?

You will come away with an understanding of the pitfalls of traditional approaches, and new strategies to help you prepare for success in carrying out the Defense Transportation mission and embracing supply chains for the future. 

Register to watch now.

Your Speakers

Michael Bruens

Michael Bruens

Director Global Defense Business Development and Programs, One Network Enterprises

Michael Bruens is a retired US Army Logistics Officer with 28 years of service. Michael is currently serving as the Director for Business Development and Sales with a focus on the Department of Defense (DoD), and other government agencies.  His knowledge and experience in supply chain planning, management, and execution allow him to deliver a Digital Supply Chain Network to government agencies and the defense industry, with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Yogesh Sharma

Yogesh Sharma

Vice President, Logistics,One Network Enterprises

Yogesh has more than 16 years of experience working at One Network Enterprises on research, development, and production of logistics solutions. With expertise in supply chain management, logistics, and cloud-based applications, Yogesh has proven success in all phases of software development life cycle.

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