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Optimizing Inbound Supply for Life Science and CPG Companies

Improve resilience, lower costs, and optimize operations with demand-driven inbound supply management

Optimizing direct procurement and inbound supply means much more than just streamlining your “procure-to-pay” processes. In this webinar, we describe how real-time business network platforms enable a new collaborative relationship between manufacturers, your suppliers, co-manufacturers, logistics providers and customers.

Learn how to mitigate the risks in your critical inbound supply of direct materials, and apply real-time prescriptive analytics to optimize decision making, increase resilience, and unlock enormous business value for all parties. We’ll explain how.

It’s an approach that consolidates every source of supply and every point of demand across your business network, and performs global demand-supply matching (GDSM) in real time, optimized across the entire business network. This includes coordinating and optimizing inventory and logistics for the highest manufacturing efficiency and service levels, at the lowest possible cost.

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