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JTMS - Joint Transportation Management System


An Effective Joint Transportation Management System for Defense Organizations

What is JTMS? The ONE Joint Transportation Management System enables Defense branches to operate jointly in managing transportation and logistics operations on a single platform. It provides unique capabilities for better efficiency, coordination, and operational effectiveness.

One Network Enterprises' JTMS capabilities provides the Department of Defense improved transportation management capabilities, integrates with and uses existing systems, and minimizes manual effort.

Why ONE for JTMS? The short answer is, it supports over 90 percent of the requirements right out of the box.

Some Highlights of the ONE JTMS

  • The only solution with a set of Defense modules with critical Defense capabilities that are organically integrated with transformational commercial capabilities and delivered as an integrated solution.
  • Intelligent Logistics integration enables not only a JTMS capability, but a multi-functional end-to-end joint logistics capability.
  • Deployed solution with Intelligent Logistics to include JTMS configurations supported as COTS through ONE’s Never Legacy Program, with ability to modernize as USTRANSCOM chooses.
  • Extensible backward compatible integration APIs enable capabilities and integration with all solutions to ensure no existing system is siloed and no IT investment is wasted, providing mission process improvements from day one.
  • All USTRANSCOM mission partners get value with the unique multi-tier Control Towers on a multi-party network, which provides a real-time, end-to-end, single version of the truth.

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JTMS - Joint Transportation Management System for Defense

Essential Capabilities of a JTMS

The capabilities a JTMS should provide to ensure effective functionality, minimize manual effort in functional mission management, and to simplify and speed up system enhancements, migration, and support.


JTMS - Joint Transportation Management System for Defense

ONE JTMS for the DoD

How the ONE JTMS improves functionality, reduces staffing and support, and provides a comprehensive platform for defense supply chain management at lower cost.


ONE Intelligent Logistics

Manage, optimize, and automate your entire logistics lifecycle from from order to delivery with the help of NEO, your virtual assistant.



Use NEO virtual assistant to manage, optimize, and automate, your entire transportation network on the NEO Platform.


The United States Air Force (USAF) Awards $62M Contract to One Network Enterprises for Its Item Master Logistics Capability Initiative (IMLCI)

One Network to help USAF configure and model new master data management business processes to support its portfolio of logistics initiatives


The United States Navy Awards $43 Million Contract to One Network Enterprises for Modernization of Operational Supply Chain

Contract awarded for the Naval Operational Business Logistics Enterprise (NOBLE) Naval Operational Supply System (NOSS) to begin modernization of the entire operational supply chain.