Cloud and ERP

How the cloud can support ERP (white paper)

Extremely large, multi-party, cloud-computing networks are revolutionizing other industries. This white paper explains the advantages cloud computing can provide over an older, traditional, ERP systems and how it can drive greater and faster results.

It also illustrates the value and importance of a a technology solution that can embrace, not replace, ERP systems or their components for successful deployment.

Rapid Time-to Value to the United States Marine Corps

One Network provides the broadest integrated suite of transactional, execution and planning tools available to the DOD today. These solutions have enabled rapid time-to value to the United States Marine Corps for managing global ammunition requisitions, inventory and distribution, delivering Fully Operational Capabilities (“FOC”) and business benefits within six months.

Initial Implementation Live Within Four Months

One Network also serves as the underlying transportation and execution technology for DTCI, bringing the initial implementation live within four months.

 ERP and Cloud Computing for Public Sector and Defense

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