Our Platform: A Community of Trading Partners Working Together

ERP solutions, designed 30 years ago, are deployed behind the four walls of your organization and do a poor job of communicating with your other systems or those of your trading partners.

One Network technology and platform is designed to enable an unlimited number of trading partners to work together to satisfy the needs of their end customer—whether that be an individual consumer, medical patient, or a buying organization.

This approach doesn’t reflect how business is done in today’s globalized, hyper-connected, volatile marketplace. Our platform was designed to enable an unlimited number of trading partners to work together to satisfy the needs of their end customer—whether that be an individual consumer, medical patient, or a buying organization. This “consumer-driven” approach means that you need only connect once to our platform to do business with any other organizations on the network.

Today, leaders from a diverse set of industries including CPG, Retail, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Logistics , and Government space are using our platform together with their trading partners to satisfy their end customer. How can we support so many industries?

The answer is we offer industry models in our platform that support the unique processes, data formats, and transaction sets found in a particular industry, and models all industry participants. On top of these cores, our community members have used the modules we supply, made available through the One Network Ecosystem, or built their own.

No longer do you need to change your processes to accommodate the technology.

Enterprise Software at a Crossroads— Extend Your ERP with an Extensible Architecture

Powerful analytics give you real time insight into your entire supply chain. One Network is not a standard commercial-off-the-shelf-(COTS) vendor. COTS products are monolithic, slow to deploy, and disconnected from the rest of your legacy systems. With COTS, it typically takes two years to finish even a modest project. That is why COTS are increasingly being perceived by the market as tired and old. By the time our customers find us, they are often hundreds of millions of dollars into their investment with no end in sight. The market wants a different approach.

With ONE, they can deploy their business app rapidly, usually in less than six months. One Network’s platform provides rapid time to value for app developers as well. On average we see a 30-50% improvement in developer productivity, and reduce ongoing support costs by 50-70%. In contrast to the closed and proprietary systems they are typically forced to use with other enterprise systems, One Network developers use open standards that enable them to get their app up and running much faster than on other platforms.

The Future is Modularity with Backwards Compatibility

Build your own modules, work with ONE to extend our existing modules to fit your unique needs, or leverage our partner ecosystem and someone build it for you.

You want to keep moving forward, but you also want to leverage your past technology investments. Instead of monolithic COTS tools, we are modular. One Network’s unique modular approach offers you unprecedented flexibility and rapid time to value.

Our modules can be rapidly deployed in an agile approach vs. waterfall approach. This means instead of figuring out everything before you do anything, we’ll deploy your set of modules in an agile methodology deploying monthly sprints with 6 month production release on average. We can do this one module at time, and can make changes as we go along.

You can build your own modules in our supported development environment, work with ONE to extend our existing modules to fit your unique needs, or leverage our partner ecosystem and someone build it for you. Regardless of which path you take, any module you use will be backward compatible to everything below it. That means your IT plan will actually develop momentum over time, rather than stall out after a few years.

A Platform Defined by Flexibility and Automated Business Processes

There’s no need for contorted business processes contrived to work with rigid technology. With One Network’s flexible platform and custom modules, the technology adapts to you.

All technology platforms are defined by the different choices its architects make at their creation. Over time, these differences become more and more apparent. One Network’s founders had the foresight to start with a PaaS framework supported by a common data model built by industry and support a true many-to-many model.

We offer a series of industry cores that define how data models, master data, and transactional business flows work by industry. Current industry cores that are already deployed and in use include Automotive, the U.S. Department of Defense, Retail, Consumer Products, Food Service, Healthcare/Pharmaceutical and Humanitarian Aid.

On top of these industry cores we offer a set of modules that we support and that you can use as-is or can be extended as needed. These include numerous engines that support virtually any supply chain process (e.g. planning, replenishment, order management, logistics, transportation), and many others that optimize a variety of multi-party processes outside of supply chain. And should we not have the specific module you need, you can easily build your own.

All our engines are based on the concept of automated agents that enable you to automate complex business processes and to dynamically affect execution problems and fix them continuously and incrementally. One Network offers the market the first suite of decision making and automated execution systems.

Embedded in our platform and an optional addition in any module are our Social Apps—which enable unstructured communication and collaboration within the network. Today’s employees have embraced today’s social media tools to stay connected in their personal lives. With our Social Apps, they can now do the same at work. Social Apps can be tied directly into all workflows and transactions, and are also being made available to its community of developers for use in third party applications built on One Network’s cloud platform.

Dev Net: A Platform That’s Open and Developer-Friendly

Click to learn more. Dev Net lets you easily customize One Network modules, or build your own from scratch.

One Network’s platform and all of its modules are built in a development environment called DevNet and with a tool kit that is based on an open system and an open set of standards that allow anyone to build their own module. Today, modules are being built by independent app developers, internal IT departments, and of course One Network’s own team.

Our platform contains a very robust framework for building you own agents and for building user experiences so that you can create an approach that allows you to determine the user experience that’s extensible, adaptable, and interchangeable.

Embrace and Enhance then Replace

Rejuvenate your current technology with visibility and analytics

Connect to anything and gain visibility across all your systems. Everything will be integrated because all legacy systems feed into the same data model, transaction model, and use the same agent-based frameworks. You can build your own engines, write your own execution services, and it all runs on the same transaction processes data model that was built for your industry.

A key advantage to such an industry operating backbone is that no longer do you have to change your processes to accommodate the technology. One Network’s unique “Tunable System of Control” capability enables you to assign system of record responsibility to each state and action in a process to either our platform or another application. The result being that our platform manages the end-to-end processes, but where appropriate intervening steps can be processed by preexisting systems. This “embrace or replace” approach allows companies to leverage any local systems until they require replacement, upon which time our platform can take on increasing responsibilities.