Order Management


Easily Manage Orders and Collaborate with All Your Trading Partners

Order Management is made simple and efficient on the Real Time Value Network (RTVN). The RTVN is a platform where multiple parties from multiple companies can participate in multi-party transactions. On the RTVN, a buying company’s Purchase Order and the selling company’s Sales Order are represented as a single transaction as two sides of the same coin.

The network thus provides a single version of truth across all participants such as buyers, sellers, movers, shippers, and service providers. Enabling two or more parties to participate on the same transaction on the same business object instances is one of the keys to optimizing common financial and operational goals on the network and building trust between parties.

  We knew we needed to find a way to deliver more value to our customers and trading partners while reducing inventory and operations costs. We’ve chosen One Network because of its unique and highly innovative technology.  

- Global Director, Materials & Logistics, Dana

ONE Platform supports a variety of multi-tenancy models such as classic multi-tenant as well as network multi-tenant. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the business process. There is no need to reconcile conflicting records after-the-fact. Based on a sophisticated multi-party permissions framework, every party has real time access to the current state of the order.

Customize and Automated Your Order Management

Additionally, ONE Platform which enables tailored automated order management and fulfillment solutions by building or extending on our Industry Cores with industry-specific data models, community master data, transaction flows, decision-making agents and analytics.

Order Management and Order Collaboration

The Real Time Value Network’s Order Management service synchronizes and aggregates all sales orders and purchase orders across all channels, trading partners, and locations. Its optimized execution engines execute the transactions throughout the entire order lifecycle, from sales orders and purchase orders, to claims and returns – all in a single system accessible anywhere.

Order Management at a Glance

ONE’s Order Management solution enables:

  • Sales orders, Purchase Orders (PO), claims, and returns are aggregated, managed, and executed within the same cloud-based system
  • Multi-party contracts
  • Bid-to-source
  • Procure-to-Pay
  • Order-to-Cash
  • Intelligent Execution engines create and manage orders automatically, saving human intelligence for the exceptions

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