Social Apps


Social Apps is a suite of apps embedded in the One Network platform and workflows, that enables collaboration within the enterprise and across external parties, such as partners, customers and vendors.

Transcend Traditional Social Networks and Intranets

Unlike consumer social networks, which are centered on individuals, Social Apps are centered on organizations and their employees. And unlike other enterprise social applications, which are focused on communications within an organization, Social Apps span departments and companies, to support communications across multiple trading partners.

A Quick Overview of Social Apps

Secure One-to-One and Group Collaboration

The Social Apps suite includes Chat Rooms which enables, secure, private one-to-one and group discussions. You have full control over who is invited and who may attend. Invite colleagues, customers, vendors, and anyone else you need to get the job done. Chat Rooms lets you discuss and resolve issues quickly, while retaining a record of the decisions reached.

Social Apps also includes Blipper, an enterprise-level social networking application which allows you to publish news, promotions, and other updates to the public or just to your followers.

You can “blip” publicly or privately, and publish blips as yourself, or on behalf of a company, product, or topic.

Better, Faster Collaboration and Social Networking on One Platform

Now you don’t have to maintain multiple accounts to network as yourself and on behalf of a brand or company – manage it all under one account in Social Apps.

Say goodbye to endless emails and phone calls… with Social Apps, everyone can join one conversation, get problems resolved quickly and efficiently, and have a record of the discussion.

Anyone can join and enjoy Social Apps. Individuals and companies do not have to be on One Network to use these powerful Social Apps.