Multi-Tier Inventory Management


A Single Order Forecast, Accurate and Dynamic

The Real Time Value Network™ first generates a single order forecast that is continuously adjusted based on actual demand changes. The Real Time Value Network’s Inventory Planning service allows you to operate with the minimal amount of inventory necessary to achieve the desired service level that you input into the system. It captures multi-party variables such as lead times, manufacturing frequency, batch size, and ordering policies from across the supply chain, and using micro-simulations, complex algorithms, exception-based forecasts, and real-time downstream demand signals, suggests and even automatically adjusts inventories to their optimal levels.

You will gain real time inventory visibility across sites, hubs, suppliers, and in-transit. The result is reduced inventories, improved service levels, reduced stock outs, and improved revenues for all trading partners.

  We knew we needed to find a way to deliver more value to our customers and trading partners while reducing inventory and operations costs. We’ve chosen One Network because of its unique and highly innovative technology.  

- Global Director, Materials & Logistics, Dana

Multi-Tier Inventory Management at a Glance

  • System continuously plans inventory and automatically executes the required transactions
  • Reduces inventory to near theoretical limits while maintaining highest service levels
  • System takes into account real time downstream demand signals, lead times, manufacturing frequency, batch size, and order policies across multiple tiers and trading partners

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