B2B Infrastructure


Connecting and Integrating Has Never Been Easier

The Real Time Value Network manages all connections to your trading partners, eliminating the hundreds and even thousands of connections that would normally need to be managed individually.

Integration services are offered via Intelligent VAN. Intelligent VAN is a set of network services and connections that allow companies to on-board and begin transacting with other parties already connected to the Real Time Value Network with very little effort. This is offered as a managed service and it dramatically reduces the complexities that IT departments face when trying to maintain the countless EDI adapters, master data feeds, and integration points that come when transacting with customers, suppliers, and fulfillment partners.

  We chose One Network’s cloud platform because it could rapidly scale across our business and trading partners and synchronize multiple technology systems and processes, while helping us identify and execute on cost-saving opportunities.  

- Global Demand Driven Supply Chain Manager, Dana

The Real Time Value Network includes out-of-box integration APIs that allow it to integrate with current systems (e.g. ERP, WMS, TMS) and take what data it needs without disrupting existing business processes. It includes an EDI gateway that supports all relevant commercial messaging types, as well as the government specific MILSTRIP/MILSTRAP standards.

Furthermore, it provides an XML gateway with state management and guaranteed messaging. If your required standard is not currently being supported by the Real Time Value Network, One Network will make it available to you upon request.

B2B Infrastructure at a Glance

  • A single connection to the Real Time Value Network means connecting to any company already on the network
  • Intelligent VAN eliminates the need to manage countless EDI adapters, master data feeds, and integration points
  • Integration API’s for easy integration with current systems (e.g. ERP, EMS, TMS, etc).
  • Supports all relevant commercial messaging types as well as MILSTRIP/MILSTRAP

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