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Direct Store Delivery DSD

Capture demand, create and automate accurate orders to your manufacturers and suppliers

Direct store delivery (DSD) has historically been looked at as a hybrid problem since it consists of both the store replenishment and computer-assisted ordering, inventory management as well as the full downstream deployment, logistics, manufacturing, and raw material requirements.

A typical DSD Sales Representative/Merchandiser or Driver today is manually inspecting the shelf, managing inventory, manually calculating a forecast and manually creating orders. This results in slower, more error-filled decision making than is optimal. The Real Time Value Network automates and streamlines the DSD process.

A good DSD solution, if managed properly, can have a significant advantage over a manual process or even a traditional retailer-driven replenishment system since a company representative is constantly reviewing the shelf.

This provides an opportunity to not only manage inventory better but also to capture what else is happening in the category. Competitor promotions, category drag, new products, etc.,  can be captured to create patterns to better determine demand and capture inventory to create more accurate orders. This information can then be used to automatically create pull orders, not just to the store, but all the way downstream to manufacturing and even to the raw material and packaging vendors.

The Real Time Value Network’s solution for the  Direct Store Delivery industry segment delivers the only multi-party, multi-echelon, demand driven, store replenishment, order management, inventory management, logistics, fulfillment and supply chain technology solution in the market today. Through the use of our REST services, we can take input from a device, create orders and hand them back to the company representative in charge of ordering.

One Network Results for DSD

  • In Store IN Stocks – 99+% including promotions
  • Driver/Sales Rep time reductions – 25% Due to automated ordering
  • Chain Wide Inventory – Shelf to Factory – Reduced 25%

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