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Business Continuity and Risk Management

A lean supply network that enables Lighting Science and its trading partners to be highly responsive to the end consumer will help us greatly in maintaining a competitive advantage. We’ve chosen One Network’s Real Time Value Network for its proven ability to get us there.”

Jeremy Cage, CEO
Lighting Science Group
One Network Integrated Business Planning Subscriber

To reduce costs and remain competitive, more and more companies are outsourcing their supply chain functions to third parties (e.g. manufacturers, logistics), yet in doing so the overall amount of risk tends to increase.

The Business Continuity and Risk Management service allows you to measure, monitor, and mitigate supply chain risk. No matter where the product resides, or where the relevant data lies, the cloud-based Real Time Value Network™ gives you more visibility and control. You’ll be better able to respond to supply chain risk and unexpected problems, including natural disasters, political upheaval, or sudden demand and supply shocks.

For example, the supply chain risk mitigation service will identify alternate sources of supply, monitor global shipments, run spend analysis, measure the value at risk, and plan resources in real time, all within the cloud-based Real Time Value Network.

Business Continuity and Risk Management at a Glance

  • Continuously monitors your global supply chain from end-to-end.
  • Automatically responds to unexpected events
  • Synchronizes enterprise systems across the supply chain. Multiple parties and trading partners can easily collaborate
  • Horizontal grid technology means an unlimited number of inventory locations, retail locations, customers, and trading partners can be connected to the network

Integrated Business Planning Resources and S&OP

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Integrated Business Planning Services

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