Supply Chain Solutions in the Cloud


A Single Version of the Truth, powered by the cloud

Where ERP is a single version of truth for the enterprise, One Network’s Real Time Value Network™  is a single version of the truth across multiple enterprises. Our applications combine the power of a single set of data with the ability to integrate with other applications. Our network-based suites combine critical application-layer functionality with a multi-enterprise services backbone.

We deliver complete visibility and collaboration across the trading community while reducing both information latencies and infrastructure costs.

Modular Adoption

One Network’s solutions are built on an “embrace” not replace architecture allowing customers the flexibility to deploy capabilities in a modular approach. For example, if a company already has deployed a transportation management solution, they can still take advantage of One Network’s Appointment Scheduling module. Additionally, companies can take an iterative approach deploying items like transportation execution, planning, and appointment scheduling in a tiered approach versus a “big-bang” logistics approach.

Deployment Capabilities

One Network solutions can be deployed in a network hosted environment or behind a firewall. By deploying via the network environment customers can expedite implementations as well as take advantage of the connections within our existing network of customers and partners.

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