Resilience Solutions for Healthcare Supply Chain Business Networks

Improve Supply Resiliency Now for Medical Supplies, Lab Supplies, Pharmaceuticals, and Implants.


ONE Global Health Network - Improving Visibility and Responsiveness in the Healthcare Supply Chain

In today’s environment, reducing the impact of demand surges and minimizing supply disruptions (improving supply resilience) is a most-pressing need for health care worldwide. To meet this need, One Network Enterprises has extended its platform in the healthcare segment, including hospitals, providers, distributors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and medical device distributors and manufacturers.

ONE Global Health Network powered by the NEO Platform, improves healthcare supply chain visibility for all participants, reduces supply shortages by balancing supply and demand across the network, and enhances supply chain resiliency. This enables companies to:

  • Reduce the impact of demand surges and supply shortage
  • Define and apply quantitative performance measures
  • Automate manual processes

Watch Now: Optimizing the Healthcare Supply Chain
A special presentation for Hospitals and Suppliers on the new Healthcare Resilience program from One Network.

What is the Resilient Healthcare Supply Chain Solution?

One Network’s ONE Global Health Network provides visibility into inventory levels of critical supplies at health systems, distributors and manufacturers to facilitate effective use of these critical supplies to ensure uninterrupted patient care.

Improve Your Resilience, Match Supply to Demand and More...

When you join ONE Global Health Network, you can immediately connect with and engage the rest of your supply chain business partners. You can submit current contracted product inventory levels on a regular basis through the One Network system. If you’re a supplier, the information you provide will be used to communicate any supply disruptions or backorders — and identify substitute products — to hospital members quickly and efficiently.

Key data requirements and the process to register and upload your organizations' inventory level data is available through the ONE Global Health Network.

What can suppliers and hospital members see in the ONE Global Health Network?

An immediate benefit to you is the ability to visualize your own inventory across multiple locations, if applicable. The platform provides you with quick access to your critical information, such as:

  • Inventory by state and region
  • Visualized mapping with ability to zoom-in to inventory located in specific sites within a region or zoom out to an aggregated inventory view across a broader demographic
  • Inventory by product spend category

If you are a hospital, once you onboard and provide authorization to share ADS data with suppliers, you will have visibility to on-hand inventory based on permissions from the members. In upcoming releases, new functionality will enable you to further improve collaboration across your network.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Solutions and Strategies

As we continue development on a technology solution that brings transparency and trust to the health care value chain, we will continue to focus on three strategies:

Reduce the impact of demand surges and supply shortage

  • Current approach: Provide informational resources related to disaster responses and best practices
  • Future capabilities: A technology solution that brings visibility to raw materials availability, supply production and consumption across the supply chain

Define and apply quantitative performance measures

  • Current approach: Develop and implement a supply chain operational efficiency scorecard
  • Future capabilities: More timely and sophisticated measures of supply chain performance

Automate manual processes

  • Current approach for members: Automate purchasing functions through eCommerce Exchange and Transaction Management
  • Future capabilities: Automate more processes, more easily

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