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Press Release: Silk Contract Logistics Partners with One Network to Create Virtual Distribution Network in Australia

Silk Contract Logistics (Silk), one of the fastest growing third party logistics providers in Australia, today announced that they have partnered with One Network Enterprises (ONE) in order to create a virtual retail network for Australia. Silk will be ONE’s primary go to market partner in Australia. Silk will use One Network’s Real Time Value Network™ to provide a single network for customers and carriers with a single version of the truth for all parties, enhancing visibility and collaboration across the supply chain. Learn More

Article: Brexit, Global Trade and the Digital Transformation of the Supply Chain

On June 23, 2016 the United Kingdom voted in a referendum to leave the European Union (EU), with the official departure set for Friday March 29, 2019 at 11 p.m. What businesses will wake up to on March 30 is unclear at this time, yet many are worried as they prepare, and they are right to be concerned. Learn More

Article: Supply Chain Visibility and Transparency: How Everybody Wins

Supply chain transparency is rapidly becoming a priority as many enterprises realize the advantages of having and sharing certain information with trading partners and consumers. By increasing supply chain transparency, companies can connect with consumers, build trust, achieve better visibility to all parts of the supply chain to drive improvements, and react faster and more effectively when problems occur. Learn More

Article: Blockchain Will Revolutionize the Medical Industry – Here’s How

Going to the doctor’s can be a real pain. Unless you’re fortunate enough to live in one of those Scandinavian countries where everything just works, for most of us, a trip to the doctor is a never-ending cycle of bureaucratic misery. Trying to get an appointment, verifying insurance, searching for medical records. If even the thought of it makes your stomach tighten in knots, take heart… Blockchain will revolutionize the medical industry soon enough. Learn More

Article: How to Avoid Supply Chain Control Tower Failures

Supply chain control towers can offer significant benefits to companies by extending visibility and control beyond the enterprise, and enabling advanced analytics, real-time collaboration, and sophisticated optimization. However, many control towers do not reach their full potential as they are built on antiquated foundations. Learn More

Tech Brief: How to Choose a Supply Chain Control Tower

Supply chain control towers are everywhere. There are many different kinds based on different assumptions and with different capabilities. How do you choose?
Learn More

The Partnership for Supply Chain Management Implements One Network’s Control Tower Solution to Strengthen Health Supply Chains for Developing Countries

Nonprofit Leverages One Network’s Real Time Value Network to Help Ensure Timely Availability of Essential Products for Low and Middle-income Countries.
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Optimizing Port Throughput

Hyper-connection has fueled the growth of commerce around the world. Our ports serve as gateways for those goods, speeding or impeding their passage from source to customer.
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Three steps the Pentagon can follow to move away from legacy applications

Although every industry and service arm have their own way of doing business, there are underlying commonalities among them. The government is no different. For large organizations then, it is good architectural practice to put common capabilities in a module that can be used and re-used by the entire ecosystem of users and development partners. Learn More

How multi-party platforms could solve some of the Pentagon’s IT troubles

In 2011, after a lengthy and in-depth review of technology projects in the Department of Defense, the Institute for Defense Analyses reported, “DoD had invested over $5.8 billion in ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) and will invest additional billions before the ERPs are fully implemented. Most of these programs are over budget, behind schedule, and have not met performance expectations.” Learn More

One Network Launches Chain-of-Custody Solution on the ONE Blockchain Platform to Provide Enhanced Transparency and Security for Supply Chains

One Network Enterprises, announces a new, flexible and cross-industry Chain-of-Custody solution built on its Real Time Value Network (RTVN). By providing serialization and tracking across complex supply chains that involve multiple parties and hand-offs, this latest offering leverages the powerful capabilities of Blockchain to help mitigate threats such as product diversion, counterfeiting, grey market distribution, spoilage, substandard products, and unauthorized introductions. Learn More

ONE positioned as leader in Nucleus Research’s Control Tower Technology Value Matrix 2017

One Network Enterprises today announced that Nucleus Research, a global provider of investigative, case-based technology research and advisory services, has positioned One Network as a leader in its annual Control Tower Technology Value Matrix 2017. Since the inception of the Matrix, the Company has been positioned as a Leader among all thirteen vendors evaluated, with One Network’s Real Time Value Network™ (RTVN) credited for functioning as a system of engagement for customers, delivering data from multiple enterprises on the state, and context of products in the supply chain. Learn More

DMS? Yes!

A growing number of companies are discovering the benefits of implementing demand management solutions (DMS). DMS endeavors to reach beyond traditional forecasting to sense demand in real time, enabling nimble adjustments of purchases and inventories, thereby lowering costs. Learn More

Global Supply Chain Innovation Summit

Ranjit Notani, One Network co-founder and CTO, will be speaking at the summit alongside Chris Richard of Deloitte. Their topics will be Digital Supply Networks and Blockchain. Learn More

Inventory Out, Sell-Through Up: AI in the Supply Chain

We were sure that AI technologies could be of use, but we didn’t know exactly how. Which is why we asked Greg Brady, CEO of One Network and a columnist at the Supply Chain Management Review, to explain it for us. Learn More

Can Blockchain Revolutionize the Supply Chain?

Blockchain has the potential to radically transform supply chain… if it can solve this one problem… Learn More

8 Keys to Success with Artificial Intelligence in the Supply Chain

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can offer a huge benefit to supply chain managers, but only if it is based on solid fundamentals that take into account the diverse and dynamic nature of today’s modern supply chains. Learn More

Three fatal flaws of historical data sets, and how to avoid them

Greg Brady, One Network’s co-founder and CEO, discusses three fatal flaws of historical data sets, and questions you need to think about in order to avoid them. Learn More

Asia-Pacific 3PL and Supply Chain Summit

One Network’s Chris Edwards will be at the Asia-Pacific 3PL and Supply Chain Summit, come and see us, and learn how ONE Platform can speed up your digital transformation. Learn More

Permissibility in a Platform for NMMES-TR and the Department of Defense

David Stephens discusses the power of multi-party Permissibility in the context of the Navy Maritime Maintenance Enterprise Systems Technical Refresh (NMMES-TR). What is Permissibility and why is it so vital in platform for the Dept of Defense? Learn More

How Blockchains Can Revolutionize the Supply Chain

Ranjit Notani, One Network’s co-founder and CTO, looks at the potential of Blockchain to radically transform how supply chains are managed, and how we can address the one major weakness Blockchain has. Learn More

Transforming the DoD: Understanding NMMES-TR and CIP

Due to significant interest in how ONE’s Platform satisfies the Navy’s NMMES-TR requirements, we will be holding a live event on Oct 12, at Crystal City in VA, which will explain One Network’s unique Platform and features in the context of NMMES-TR. Learn More

The Autonomous and Self-Learning Supply Chain

One Network’s Adeel Najmi on how AI is heralding the next frontier of Supply Chain Control Towers. Learn More

How Digital Cloud Networks are Fueling Supply Chain

In Industry Today, One Network’s Rob Choy explains how companies are driving supply chain efficiencies with digital network. Learn More

Global Logistics Gateway: Enables End-to-End Inter-operability Between Global Supply Chain Networks

Learn how One Network’s new solution accelerates transition of businesses to interconnected digital trading communities. Learn More

8 Fundamentals for Achieving AI Success in Supply Chain

Why do so many AI implementations in supply chain deliver such disappointing results? Greg Brady, One Network founder and CEO, explains the (often missing) building blocks that underlie a successful AI implementation. Learn More

How to Beat Amazon by Digitizing Your Supply Chain

Amazon is coming after retailers business. Stuck on low margins and outdated business models, their only chance to survive resides in implementing two strategies swiftly and decisively… Learn More

What Retailers Need to Know to Create a Consumer-Driven Supply Network

The “old model” of supply chain involves connecting companies one-to-one many times over in order to transact business across your supply network — with all companies in the network replicating their own internal demand and supply processes, and getting them connected via EDI or worse, emails and spreadsheets. This outdated model promotes delays, inaccuracies and inefficiencies across the supply chain, and makes it structurally difficult to improve performance in terms of cost, velocity and transparency. Bernard Goor explains a better way… Learn More

Why Grocery Retailers Need to Digitize Now

One Network’s Bernard Goor writes in Inbound Logistics magazine about the urgent need for Grocery retailers to digitize their supply chains, or face the possibility of losing market share, or worse. Learn More

Disrupting E-Commerce: How Digital Networks Are Creating A Better Consumer Experience

The rise of e-commerce and the popularity of smart devices, has shifted the balance of power away from retailers and brands and put the consumer squarely on top. One Network CEO, Greg Brady, explains how companies can use digital networks to provide a superior customer experience. Learn More

Anglicotech and One Network Work with US Marine Corp

This NCMS article discusses some of the work that One Network Enterprises is doing with the US Marine Corps. Learn More

Automotive Logistics: Making a Success of Collaboration

Greg Brady, One Network CEO, explains Why collaboration is better achieved with a cloud-based network platform than a legacy ERP system. Learn More

Fixing the Fractured Restaurant Supply Chain

How digital business networks help restaurants and suppliers become more consumer-driven, reduce waste and boost margin. Learn More

Beyond ERP: Three Trends Transforming Enterprise Business Systems

There is a paradigm shift underway in enterprise software that is impacting companies in every industry. Fueled by technical advancements in cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and machine learning, there are three trends that are profoundly reshaping how enterprise software is developed, delivered and consumed. Learn More

Industry Visionary Bernard Goor Joins One Network

Bernard Goor joins One Network as Vice President and industry evangelist to lead burgeoning Consumer Goods, Retail and Food Service practice. Goor is a former Oracle VP and will help customers optimize consumer-driven business network and drive digital transformation. Learn More

Inside Control Tower 4.0

Learn how leading companies are achieving disruptive results with advanced supply chain control towers that go far beyond visibility. Learn More

Wireless Disruptor Distinguishes Itself with Supply Chain Innovation

Alan Pendleton said the RTVN brings together all the necessary parties, including Republic Wireless, its suppliers, third-party logistics providers, and parcel carriers to orchestrate inbound supply and e-commerce. “Our team is not manually entering and executing transactions,” he said. “We want them to be strategic thinkers, decision makers, negotiators and ultimately advocates of the customer experience.” Learn More

A Recipe for Digital Transformation Success: How to Apply a Fresh Approach to the Restaurant Supply Chain

Just as ride-share network companies such as Uber have disrupted the taxi industry, new multi-party cloud network platforms are helping disrupt the fine and casual dining industry. New multi-party cloud computing platforms enable completely new models that address the growing number of supply chain challenges… Learn More

One Network – Air Force, NCMS and Industry Collaborate on Next Generation Expeditionary Logistics Systems

One Network’s logistics application, along with the concept of operations, and agile strategy, were described by Department of Defense (DoD) leadership as “equivalent to the laser guided munitions in its importance to logistics IT – if demonstrated to be feasible.” Learn More