A Multi-Party Network Platform for your enterprise and your trading partners that boosts service levels and lowers costs for all, with intelligent agents and network optimization

Companies in all industries are now facing the challenge of digitizing and modernizing in the face of fierce competition from agile competitors, born in the digital age. Enterprises now have to rethink their business models and their technology, in order to compete and thrive.

Traditional enterprise systems are incapable of adapting to this new world, because they are enterprise-centric and not designed to provide a single version of the truth for all parties in the supply chain network. ERP systems are cumbersome to implement, upgrade, and maintain. Their legacy architectures struggle to analyze and exploit the explosion in data volumes across regions, functions and trading partners. Their silos create duplicate data, delays, and errors that undermine data quality and trust among trading partners. All this makes it virtually impossible to identify insights that can drive strategy and business value. Ultimately, it erodes corporate profitability and inhibits effective decision-making.

Recognized as a Leader by Gartner, IDC, Nucleus Research, and others, One Network Enterprises (ONE) provides the market’s leading solution for autonomous supply chain management – putting your enterprise on equal footing with today’s most innovative companies, and ahead of most when it comes to supply chain planning and execution. Companies on One Network’s platform achieve far better results, in half the time and at half the cost of traditional solutions.

The One Network Platform Capabilities:

  • Autonomous Supply Chain Management
  • Multi-Enterprise Intelligent Control Tower
  • Integrated Business Planning
  • Autonomous Forecasting Agents
  • Autonomous Ordering
  • Multi-echelon Inventory Optimization
  • Intelligent Supply, Demand, and Logistics
  • ONE Blockchain and Chain of Custody
  • ONE Software Developer’s Kit, Studio and Developers Network

One Network’s Cloud Platform Connects, Optimizes and Automates Across All Parties

The One Network cloud platform is called the NEO Platform. It connects all trading partners with their customers on a real-time, frictionless digital business network. Powered by the latest technology, including intelligent agents and machine learning, it enables companies to leverage and move beyond their traditional enterprise systems, by connecting all trading partners and systems to a real-time single version of the truth. The NEO Platform uses intelligent agents to continually monitor, optimize and automate processes to keep your supply chain running smoothly and efficiently. Companies join the Network once and can immediately connect virtually to other companies on the network – carriers, suppliers, distributors, and customers. The Network connects and synchronizes all parties and systems to a single version of the truth that drives shared business processes across the network.

The NEO Platform: Enabling the Autonomous Supply Chain

The NEO Platform provides end-to-end visibility across trading partners and systems, from the point of consumption to the source of supply. But it goes beyond visibility, providing powerful tools to manage and optimize complex multi-party supply chains. For example, it automates and optimizes processes based on real-time data like point-of-sale (POS) data, syncing supply to demand and continually optimizing execution.

For industries with highly complex and decentralized supply chains, One Network supports enterprises at every point along the maturity path toward autonomous supply chain management — from control tower visibility, collaboration, and analysis to short-term exception management around orders and shipments to longer term contract management and finally up through planning & inventory optimization with the most advanced technologies.

With One Network, there is zero information latency, and real-time demand and supply data drive planning and execution, so your business can operate at near theoretical minimum thresholds. Companies on the network often achieve industry-leading key performance, for example, lowering inventory levels 20% to 50%, reducing expedited freight costs by 30% to 50%, and boosting service levels to 99%+.

Benefits Companies Achieve with One Network

  • 20-50% inventory reductions, while increasing service levels
  • Increased revenues, because of fewer stockouts
  • Improved customer service levels up to 99%+
  • 30-50% reduction in premium freight costs
  • Improved forecast accuracy up to 95%
  • Up to 75% reduction in expediting costs
  • 3-15% recurring IT savings
  • 25-50% improvement in planning efficiency
  • Improved working capital and cash flow
  • Reduced supply chain disruptions
  • Improved profitability and operational efficiency
  • Improved market share and agility

Better Information, Better Decisions, Better Business Outcomes

The NEO Platform is an extremely responsive cloud-based network where information flows in near real time and physical lead times are minimized. With the platform, you can precisely model your own unique value chain, whether in whole (for example, every node from retail locations to raw material supplier) or in part (for example, your logistics and transportation network). One Network allows you to optimize the entire supply chain, rather than live with silos of optimization. Why is that significant?

Traditionally, suppliers sub-optimized their part of the supply chain. Manufacturers sub-optimized their world. Retailers sub-optimized their world. Logistics providers did their best too. Each member of a supply chain focused on their weakly-connected, data-limited part of the chain. What made it all work? In between each link were enormous inventory buffers – months of inventory. There were also huge capacity buffers so that manufacturers could respond to uncertain demand. Finally, companies paid dearly to expedite shipments to get it there on time. Many still do. In short, high costs and spending for these buffers and work-arounds has made traditional supply chain management work. Today, that’s no longer necessary.

Unlocking enormous economic value. One Network’s patented supply chain technology is unlocking enormous economic potential for global enterprises that adopt a network business strategy. Through the power of today’s network-based technology, combined with the power of artificial intelligence, inventories can drop by half or more, freeing up enormous pools of capital. Manufacturing capacity can run much more efficiently, lowering unit cost. And expediting costs are being dramatically minimized, 75% or more. All because of the convergence of two important technology developments in the supply chain world – the emergence of business network centered supply chain technology and artificial intelligence. It’s a transformative change for supply chain intensive industries. Companies that embrace a network-based business model are seeing a real competitive advantage as they unlock enormous value for themselves and their business partners.

How Does it Work?

Real-Time, Single Version of the Truth

Typically, data is scattered across the supply chain in multiple systems, many of which are batch processing systems. One Network’s cloud platform is a multi-party network that provides a Single Version of the Truth across your entire ecosystem of trading. This enables rapid on-boarding of partners, fast rollout of new capabilities, and acts as an integration platform to enhance and replace legacy applications. The Network uses horizontal grid processing, enabling it to manage the millions of daily transactions and data points that today’s global value chains generate. The Network also generates a single, integrated forecast for all channels at the SKU/item/day level of detail.

A single connection into the Network provides integration across multiple companies’ ERP and execution systems. One Network takes this multi-enterprise data and continuously syncs and re-syncs demand and supply, while taking into account capacity constraints – and does it in near real time across all trading partners. With data from all parties and systems, from the consumer through all tiers of supply, you get more accurate information for better, faster decisions that drive high levels of service at the lowest possible cost. The network monitors, predicts and reacts to events across the network and manages your supply chain in real time, syncing all inbound and outbound activities, supply to demand, as often as every 15 minutes,

NEO: Intelligent Agent Technology

NEO is One Network’s patented machine learning and intelligent agent technology that enables autonomous supply chain management. NEO identifies patterns, trends, and anomalies and extracts insights to inform execution decisions and make recommendations. NEO agents autonomously monitor, manage and optimize business processes such as forecasting, inventory planning, replenishment, and many more. NEO intelligent agents not only recommend possible resolutions, they also execute them.

Armed with an ever-growing library of autonomous algorithms, NEO has comprehensive ability to sense, respond, and create smart solutions to supply chain planning and execution problems. In Demand-Supply balancing across all nodes in the supply chain network, NEO agents are capable of running an autonomous supply chain with decision-making algorithms that can create proactive solutions to pending problems, such as expediting orders to alleviate out-of-stock problems at distribution centers.

Modular and Adaptable Architecture

One Network’s platform is modular, enabling solutions to be quickly assembled from pre-existing modules, and for modules to be tailored to your specific business needs. A modular architecture means components can be reused across enterprises, solutions, and industries – boosting developer productivity and simplifying maintenance and support. Modules can be adapted, extended or built from scratch with ONE’s software developer kit (SDK). All layers of the platform are available to developers. ONE’s Module Store has a wide range of modules that can be used as-is or adapted for your specific needs.

Intelligent, Network-Aware Services

When all parties, all data, all demand, supply, logistics and constraints are available on the Network, you get better information, improved optimization, and can serve the end-customer at the lowest overall cost. All modules and network services work together intelligently to synchronize supply with demand, and coordinate logistics while respecting contracts and constraints.

Industry Core Modules

Carefully crafted Industry Cores, designed in collaboration with industry experts, capture the uniqueness and nuances of each industry. They encapsulate variations in data models, terminology, workflows and user interfaces.

Industry core modules such as Automotive, Retail, High Tech, Restaurant and Food Service, and more apply industry-specifics to platform modules, enabling industries and legacy systems to leverage key capabilities from all modules in each industry context. These enable the massive reuse of common capabilities, which significantly boosts available functionality, developer productivity, and minimizes the cost to implement and support solutions.

Integrated Business Planning with Optimized Execution

Traditional systems treat planning and execution separately and try to synchronize them after the fact with batch processing, often using stale data. This creates major breakdowns and often results in unrealistic and unachievable plans based on old information. In addition, batch systems typically re-plan the entire network, which merely introduces nervousness into the system.

A powerful feature of One Network’s platform is its patented, underlying cloud-based architecture that is designed from the ground-up to unite planning and execution. They don’t need to be synched up, because they’re not separate.

Where other solutions take days, weeks, and even months to adjust their plans, One Network’s unique Integrated Business Planning approach uses NEO intelligent agents and actual demand & supply conditions to recalculate plans for every item at every location in real time as needed.

NEO’s Optimized Execution uses these highly accurate plans to automatically execute the vast majority of transactions with real-time decision-making technology, enabling your team to focus only on the exceptions that the One Network platform cannot handle autonomously. All demand, supply, and required capacities are automatically matched throughout the day.

ONE’s unified planning and execution is unprecedented in the market. It combines planning and execution processes, coordinates trading partners around actual consumer requirements, and does this without introducing any nervousness into the supply chain.

Thus, you can be certain that today’s demand is automatically reflected in the next order and the next shipment. And with a single network for all parties, you can collaborate in real-time with all your trading partners, from customers to raw material suppliers, to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Agile and Self-Funding

One Network partners with you and uses ONE’s unique agile implementation methodology to analyze your business problems, identify fundamental issues, and prioritize functionality so we together we can achieve the highest value in the shortest time. We parse the program into “sprints” to deliver working technology and progress to stakeholders, and to incorporate new changes or “course correct” when needed.

Lead Your Industry with the Power of ONE’s Intelligent Business Platform

The fact is, most supply chain executives are already awash in information, and having complete end-to-end visibility is not enough, unless it’s combined with the ability to rapidly and automatically respond to new real-time information. One Network is the only true multi-party network platform delivered in the cloud that coordinates, manages, and responds to events in your supply chain in real time. Lead your industry with ONE’s intelligent business platform, powered by NEO, and proven to deliver industry-leading results.