Launch Your Own Multi-Party Applications in the Cloud


One Network Enterprises’ (ONE) Developer Network™ was created by developers for developers. One Network is committed to help you find API’s, tools, documentation, and support for building powerful Network solutions that just aren’t possible on traditional platforms. The ONE developer platform combines common programming languages, layered module capability, and a powerful SDK, to enable the rapid development of sophisticated multi-party solutions that run in the cloud on ONE’s NEO Platform.

What Kind of Developer Are You?

The One Network Developer ecosystem serves many different categories of developers, including:

  1. Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) – Make and sell powerful, multi-party, cloud solutions for use by customers.
  2. Influential Industry Players – Large enterprises, industry connecting organizations, or supply chain influencers, empower your employees or members with multi-party cloud solutions on a digital network for your industry network.
  3. Implementation Partners – Specialize in implementing multi-party, network software for other organizations, including commercial companies, non-profits, and government agencies.
  4. Information Technology (IT) – Make, maintain, or customize multi-party, cloud solutions for use “in-house” at your company.

For Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s)

ONE provides Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) with everything you need to rapidly build and deploy multi-party, network solutions.

Do you have a complementary software solution?

  • If so, you can integrate One Network APIs into your software to expand the range and depth of your solution.
  • One Network can also help resell your product, by integrating its features into ONE’s networked solutions.

Leverage ONE Technology and Services

NEO Platform and SDK
Use One Network’s SDK and rich NEO platform to rapidly build supply chain or transportation solutions. The SDK leverages standard technologies like J2EE (Java), SQL, JavaScript, HTML and XML. You can leverage libraries for:

  • Data modeling
  • Integration APIs
  • Grid Computing
  • Workflows

NEO Module Store
Leverage existing modules in the Module Store for use in NEO Platform applications. All modules work together seamlessly and intelligently. You can also list and sell modules you develop in the Module Store, so others can use them in their network apps.

For Influential Industry Players

Operate your own Supply Chain Network solution for a given industry or geographic region. Supply Chain Providers can use the One Network’s SDK and Module Store to assemble and customize functionality for end-users and markets.

Envision How Your Industry Can Be Transformed with a Network

What is a Network?
A Network is a group of entities (including companies, people, systems and devices) that transact electronically across the same platform. A Network can also be multi-tiered, as in a supply chain. Or it can be relatively flat, as in an online marketplace. The major advantage of a Network is it enables all participants to share a “single version of the truth,” a real-time, authoritative version of data, with access controlled by a robust permissions framework. This provides the seamless sharing of information in real-time, eliminates delays and lead times, and synchronizes all systems and parties.

Example: South African Reserve Bank
The South African Reserve Bank and its partner, ResolveSP, built a Network solution for managing national currencies. Using the NEO SDK, they created a reliable system for forecasting currency demand and managing currency shipments and returns. The system manages currency across a $400 billion economy.

Example: Uber vs. Taxis
Taxis have always been a marketplace, dating back to their origins as rickshaws and pedicabs in the 19th century. But taxis were not a network. Taxis and their customers transacted in one-to-one relationships. Over the last two decades Uber, Lyft and similar apps have transformed the transportation-for-hire industry. Through the use of mobile apps, they connect drivers and passengers into a Network. This brought significant value in the forms of better and more timely information. Transportation costs dropped. Taxi driver and chauffeur employment boomed. And Uber, the Network operator, quickly became a $54 billion company (market cap. as of Sept. 2019).

Options for Building a Network

  • One Network Enterprises will build a Network for you.
  • Build a Network yourself quickly, by leveraging the ONE SDK, Modules, and Training programs.
  • Have a qualified Independent Software Vendor build a network for you.

Options for Operating a Network

  • One Network Enterprises can operate the Network for you.
  • One Network can show you how to operate the Network yourself.
  • A qualified Implementation Partner can operate the network for you.

Types of Networks

Industry Network
An Industry Network specializes in a certain industry or economic sector. The network is open to members and partners of that industry, e.g. Automotive, Retail, Logistics.

Private Network
A Private Network is a closed network intended for only the business partners of a specific large enterprise. Private Networks tend to be temporary. They are agile and used for development and deployment of enterprise-specific modules.

For Implementation Partners

Implementation Partners provide customization, testing, and deployment for Network solutions. There are many ways which an Implementation partner may help with deployment of Network solutions.

  • Network to Enterprise (N2E) Integration – Set up system integrations between enterprise systems and the network.
  • Enterprise Administrator Role – Support implementations by acting as a Network administrator for the Enterprise.
  • Enterprise Modeling – Help document, define, and create the data models for a given enterprise.
  • Custom Programming – Create custom programming in the form of an Enterprise Process Template or a Module. (An Enterprise Process Template is a set of features which are visible to only one enterprise.)

For Information Technology (IT)

With the ONE SDK and NEO Platform, you can build sophisticated supply chain applications fast. You can also add rich customizations to software built on the NEO Platform.

SDK and Platform Capabilities
With the NEO SDK, you can quickly:

  • Set up Integrations with other software systems
  • Create new reports
  • Create new data models
  • Extend existing data models
  • Create user input forms

Developer Network: What Developers Can Do

One Network provides a wide range of powerful tools and products for developers, including:

  • One Network’s NEO Platform and Software Development Kit (SDK) – A development platform and software development kit. They help you rapidly build Supply Chain, Transportation management, or other Network solutions.
  • NEO 3 – A proven Supply Chain and Transportation management solution built on the NEO Platform. Customize it to fit the needs of you or your customers.
  • NEO Module Store – For a comprehensive repository of modules for ONE’s NEO Platform. Find modules to add functionality to your application. Sell your modules for others to use.
  • Developer Resource Center – An online portal designed to teach you everything you need to know to exploit the NEO Platform. Video tutorials teach you how to develop a solution step-by-step using ONE’s NEO Platform, SDK, and modules.

One Network’s NEO Platform and SDK
The NEO Platform and SDK enable developers to rapidly build, customize, and run powerful multi-party Network applications. Unlike most “network” applications that consist of a conglomeration of separate applications, the patented NEO Platform is designed from the ground up to enable multi-party networks. This means that all modules work together seamlessly and intelligently.

Network Ready
The NEO Platform’s unique strength is that it enables you to build Network applications that manage business processes and workflows that span trading partners. It was conceived and designed from the start to enable a network of enterprises to interact and transact seamlessly and in real time.

NEO Platform applications are modular. They use One Network’s “Strongly Additive Modular Architecture” (SAMA). This modular architecture makes it easy to add new functionality on top of an existing system. It enables rapid development and deployment, especially when compared to conventional enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The SAMA architecture is designed to enable the rapid creation of sophisticated applications. These are not possible to build with “low code” platforms. Finally, you can layer modules on top of one another in the SAMA architecture. This enables modules that build on each other’s data and methods – for maximum code reuse and accelerated development.

Data Model Driven
The NEO Platform makes it easy to define the structure of data in the system. The ONE SDK lets you define which fields and data types should be present for each data model. One Network’s NEO Platform also abstracts away complexity involved with creating database tables. That means no more Create, Read, Update, Delete functions. Instead, you use Java methods for easy access to the data.

Precise Control Over User Permissions
User permissions are a powerful feature of the NEO Platform. The ONE SDK provides a graphical user interface for creating and defining precise user permissions. You can do this based on Role Type and Enterprise, Organization, or Site.

Quickly Build and Modify User Interfaces
The NEO Platform simplifies user interface development. With a simple XML format, you can quickly create menus, input forms, and reports in the software. You can also configure these user interface components to display differently, based on the user’s role and permissions.

Integration Made Simple with a Visual Editor
Integrations are easy to set up with the NEO Platform. Creating a REST API is simple. Define the fields, format, and permissions in the SDK using our friendly graphical user interface.

Single Version of the Truth (SVOT)
One Network’s NEO Platform also allows you to create Single Version of the Truth (SVOT) applications. SVOT applications understand the relationships between data in different NEO Platform systems, for example, between entities such as orders and shipments. Use it to build applications which are reusable and with data normalized across systems.

Harness Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents
The NEO Platform supports autonomous agents. Intelligent agents allow automatic decision-making features in the system. Configure them based on the needs of the enterprises using the NEO SDK. You can modify and build new custom intelligent agents to perform actions based on system data.

NEO 3 Software
One Network provides its NEO 3 software for use in building supply chain and transportation management systems. The NEO Platform is a full supply chain solution, designed for managing supply chains, logistics, and other complex multi-party business processes. One Network solutions are built for the NEO Platform and SAMA architecture. This means that you can build new modules and add them to the existing software. Additionally, the NEO Platform comes with domain and Industry Core options. These specializations adapt base platform functionality to a given domain (supply chain or transportation) and to an industry, for example, Healthcare or Defense. This enables code reuse, enhances productivity and accelerates development time, so you can get applications up faster and see returns quickly.

NEO Module Store
The Module Store is an online store for modules built for the NEO Platform. In the Module Store you can learn about module functionality and features, and download modules for use in applications. You can also list your own modules for use by other developers, or sell them. The Module Store includes contributor information and module-specific technical support, so information and help is always at hand.

Developer Resource Center
The Developer Resource Center is an online interactive system for learning how to develop for the NEO Platform. It includes:
A User’s Guide for the NEO SDK
NEO SDK tutorials
Java API documentation
JavaScript API documentation

Join the One Network Ecosystem

We help partners join the ONE ecosystem with several approaches:

  1. We provide the NEO platform itself, along with an SDK for development. This allows Developer Network customers to extend and build on top of existing NEO 3 functionality.
  2. The online learning portal reduces barriers by sharing knowledge. This gives Developer Network customers access to documentation and training.
  3. We identify, communicate with, and engage potential partners to bring them into the ecosystem.
  4. We act as an intermediary to help connect expert Application Developers with supply chain solution providers.
  5. Finally, we understand that developers only stick around if they can monetize their efforts. So, we provide a clear path for developers to get paying users in the form of hosting and deployment support and a module store. This also increases One Network’s range and offering through third party development of modules.