What is SCP?


Supply chain planning (SCP) is the process of efficiently designing and organizing the movement of supply to demand by aligning all necessary resources across the trading partners involved in the production and delivery of products and services.

In short, SCP is the process of meeting your customer demand by aligning all necessary resources, including products, people, activities and information. This is a major challenge, as supply chain planning involves multiple parties and complex processes spread across regions and the globe. To be successful, all stakeholders need to be focused on meeting customer demand at the lowest possible costs.

Typical SCP systems, ERP, and legacy systems have limited connections and visibility to trading partners. Most supply chain partners work with stale data and do not have visibility to critical information such as current demand, supply, production and logistics capacity. Supply chain planning can be compromised, as decisions and plans are made based on limited and outdated data, with limited collaboration among trading partners.

Supply chain planners are tasked with creating long term plans but the world is constantly changing, so planners need tools to help them react to shorter-term shifts and collaborate in real-time with trading partners.

One Network's Perspective on Supply Chain Planning

One Network’s SCP solution has been named a Leader by Nucleus Research in their 2020 Supply Chain Planning Technology Value Matrix. They highlighted One Network’s ability to “connect its customers with their upstream and downstream partners and supplies for greater supply chain visibility and intercompany collaboration.”

One Network Enterprises’ NEO Platform connects all supply chain partners to a single version of truth for all supply chain data and transactions. It enables all parties to collaborate on supply chain planning with the goal of meeting customer demand with desired service levels at the lowest cost.

The NEO Platform provides a framework that supports near-term execution as well long-range-planning. The platform uses intelligent autonomous agents, called NEO, to provide recommendations and even autonomously adjust plans to meet changing demand, supply, and logistics conditions.  This enables planners to focus on exceptions rather than the tedious repetitive tasks of day-to-day execution.

The platform enables Digital Twin solutions to help explore, plan and prepare for “what-if” scenarios, whether planning network design years ahead, planning promotions weeks or months out, or responding to an immediate emergency.

Finally, supply chain planning should not be a separate system, but should be incorporated into your operations and supply chain execution platform. This helps drive more effective planning based on real-time data, and more efficient execution driven by more accurate and practical plans. The NEO Platform provides a full suite of network services for both supply chain planning and execution, supporting all parties and functions across the end-to-end supply chain.

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