What is Autonomous Supply Chain Management?


Autonomous supply chain management is a supply chain in which all of the supply chain planning and execution functions are performed by AI and machine learning algorithms and agents, with little to no human intervention.

Autonomous Supply Chain Management is not a reality today, but it is on the horizon.

Even today, there are supply chains where a significant number of supply chain management functions are automated by artificial intelligence and intelligent agents. These systems continuously and incrementally monitor plans and execute supply chain operations. Based on real-world feedback during execution, they adjust plans and execution. Human users only intervene when the system encounters a condition outside of its pre-configured and allowed parameters.

Examples of autonomous supply chain functions include: creating and modifying orders, creating and updating dock door appointments, and adjusting inventory policies, and master data such as lead times.

One Network's Perspective on Autonomous Supply Chain Management

At One Network Enterprises, we believe, that autonomous supply chain management is a worthy goal, and one that we are inching ever closer to.

We also believe, that only a true, real-time digital network can enable autonomous supply chain management. That means, a network with a single data model spanning all partners, from raw material to last mile delivery, and everyone in between.

This enables a real-time, single version of the truth, that eliminates conflicts and confusion, and allows optimization engines to run on item-level data, and in near-real time.

Without a real-time single version of the truth, AI engines will be running on stale data, unable to factor in current conditions, and unable to exploit windows of opportunity. Thus they will never be able to fully optimize the supply chain.

A real-time digital supply chain network is the necessary foundation of an autonomous supply chain management system.

Foundations of Autonomous Supply Chain Management

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