• Real Time Multi-Party SaaS Solutions in the Cloud

    Bringing the Consumer-Driven
    Network to You

    • Leverage a powerful business network platform
    • Become consumer-driven
    • Create disruptive business models
    • Achieve disruptive results

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  • Fixing the Restaurant Supply Chain

    Fixing the Fractured Restaurant Supply Chain

    How digital business networks help restaurants and suppliers become more consumer-driven

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  • Supply Chain Control Towers Webinar

    Webinar: Inside Control Tower 4.0

    Watch the webinar with Nucleus Research and One Network to learn about the latest in control towers and how companies are achieving disruptive results

    Inside Control Tower 4.0
  • EBN: Disruptor Uses Supply Chain Innovation from One Network

    EBN: Wireless Disruptor Distinguishes Itself with Supply Chain Innovation

    Republic Wireless explains how One Network’s RTVN brings brings together all the necessary parties, including their suppliers, third-party logistics providers, and parcel carriers to orchestrate inbound supply and e-commerce…

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  • Supply Chain Control Towers - Nucleus Research 2016

    ONE Named Leader in Control Towers by Nucleus Research

    Report: One Network leads in delivering highest value by providing multi-enterprise visibility and collaboration

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  • Supply Chain News: Dana Improves the Automotive Supply Chain

    Dana Achieves Significant Inventory Reduction with One Network

    Press Release: One Network’s Real Time Value Network enables Dana to optimize multi-party execution and reduce inventory

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Industry Networks of over 50,000 companies including retailers, manufacturers, distributors, carriers and shippers:

Auto/Manufacturing | Foodservice | High Tech | Public Sector/Defense | Consumer Goods | Health/Pharmaceuticals | Retail

Leverage the #1 Cloud Business Network Platform

The only platform for multi-party, many-to-many, network communities – over 50,000 companies and growing

  • Access rich library of extensible SaaS Apps for business networks
  • Extend or build extensible SaaS apps of your own
  • Deploy on a large fast growing network
  • Tailor solutions by building or extending on our Industry Cores with industry-specific data models, community master data, transaction flows, decision-making agents and analytics.
  • Accelerate time-to-market and achieve 2X to 10X higher productivity as you build higher up on the stack.
  • Join the developer community
  • Leverage networks already available from our partners

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Become Consumer-Driven

SaaS solutions to optimize execution of all parties around the consumer:

  • Anticipate and capitalize on revenue opportunities
  • Optimize execution performance across trading community to serve the consumer
  • Sense, learn, and predict consumer trends in real time
  • Deploy intelligent agents to automatically align execution across all parties with consumer signals
  • Eliminate enterprise silos and inside-out thinking

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Create Disruptive Business Models

Accelerate digital transformation:

  • Apply breakthrough Science of Theoretical Minimums to re-imagine business on a digital network | Read the White Paper
  • Match demand and supply in network marketplaces and sharing economy business models
  • Enable transformative business models and services
  • Achieve business agility with on-demand trading partner relationships
  • Deliver tailored yet supported solutions that are never legacy

Achieve Disruptive Results

3-5x lower total cost of ownership:

  • Optimize shared goals across the trading community
  • Increase revenues through greater customer intimacy and superior service
  • Improve fill rates to 99%+
  • Reduce inventory by 10% – 30%
  • Harness the network effect for 3X – 5X lower total cost of ownership and 10X – 100X lower cost to serve
  • Lift up value for all partners in win-win outcomes

Consumer Goods Case Study Automotive Case Study

Achieve disruptive results with a multi-party, hub-to-hub network
aPaaS Platform for building powerful, multi-enterprise apps in the cloud

One Network’s aPaaS platform gives you powerful design and development tools for building multi-enterprise apps in the cloud.

Multi-Enterprise aPaaS Platform for Digital Business Solutions

Robust tools build on proven technology and industry standards:

  • aPaaS SDK with an IDE built on the Eclipse development tool
  • Powerful Design Tools with Studios for Multi-Party Models, Agents, Workflows, Modules, Pages, Interfaces, Data Model Designer
  • Access to ONE Network’s multi party permissions IP for developing applications that can function securely across multiple companies and leverage ONE’s business network
  • Advanced Business Service APIs tailored by Industry: Automotive, CPG, Logistics, Military, High Tech, Retail. Tailored services include master data models, business logic, transaction flows, autonomous agents, smart solvers, statistical algorithms, heuristics based algorithms
  • Use or build your own smart agents use any type of algorithm, LP, MILP, heuristic, statistical, Bayesian inference, dynamic programming, micro-simulations, greedy search, and more
  • GRID computing framework enables scalable computing and transparent redundancy
  • Persistence Services scalable storage of both structured relational data and non-relational no SQL data streams
  • Robust UI Frameworks including the React Framework with Flux design pattern, mobx, Javascript, HTML5, CSS and more
  • Mobile and Responsive UIs your apps look great on devices, from smart phones to wall displays
  • Command & Control Monitoring Dashboards lets users get near-real-time visibility across all their enterprise data with configurable monitoring dashboards
  • Open Cloud deploy on ONE Cloud, Amazon Web Services, or Microsoft Azure; federated cloud backbone enables access to the business network on ONE’s public cloud
  • Standards Support work with technology you know, built on industry standards: Java, HTML5, JSON, XML, REST, SOAP, SAP iDOCS, X12

ONE Brings the Network to High Tech

How a phone provider delivers world class customer service with improved visibility, distributed order management, collaboration, and exception resolution with One Network’s cloud offering

Republic Wireless’ Consumer-Driven eCommerce Supply Chain

ONE Brings the Network to Retail

Industry Operation Backbone for Retail Learn how a single network and a single version of the truth for retail and consumer products companies drives down costs and boosts value for all parties

One Network for Retail and Consumer Products

ONE Brings the Network to Logistics

How logistics service providers can conquer today’s complexity, differentiate their services, and attract and keep more customers

ONE Brings the Network to Logistics

ONE Brings the Network to Automotive

Learn how leading automotive drive train manufacturer Dana slashed inventory by 31% while improving on-time delivery performance, and gained several other major supply chain improvements with One Network.

Dana Case Study (PDF) | Automotive Solutions

ONE Brings the Network to Foodservice

Bloomin’ Brands Inc., the leading restaurant company, will use One Network for visibility, demand planning and collaboration across trading partners, to help ensure efficient and continuous supply.

Read the Press Release | Restaurant/Foodservice Solutions

ONE Brings the Network to Defense

One Network has successfully partnered with government agencies in the U.S. and abroad to deliver cloud-based solutions via the Platform-as-a-Service model that have helped solve a wide variety of multi-party problems.

Frost Report (PDF) | Defense Solutions

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